Friday, September 16, 2011

YA Confidential give-away

How fun does this look?

(click, click, you know you want to)

...since I recently re-wrote my blurb/query, a critique of that definitely tops my *wish* list, but 'Shatter Me' and 'The Unbecoming of Mara Dyer' are also two of the books on my TBR pile (which is actually my Amazon wish list, currently holding at 372 374 items).

Anyone else curious/interested?


  1. Wow 372 items on your Amazon wish list... that's huge lol

  2. @ Michael

    Yup, all books. There's a pretty wide range from fairy-tale collections to reference material, books on numbers/physics/philosophy/mythology/religion and other totally geeky subjects... like the 10 volume collection of Pliny's letters (both the elder and the younger).

    I'm not lying when I say I'm an eclectic reader :)

  3. I've just subscribed to your blog and I'm looking forward to more visits!
    Fellow MG-YA Campaigner

  4. @ Sandra

    Hi! Thanks for stopping by :)

  5. I have to get an ereader still. There are a ton of books I'd like to read. And Kindle for PC just doesn't cut it.

  6. @ Laila

    I LOVE my Kindle... it's so much easier to pack around a stack of books to read on the ferry or wherever

  7. And please ignore the typo.

  8. @ writeidea

    ...what typo? In my post? Ahhh! Please tell me where so I can fix it!!

  9. hey, if you want query critiques you should share it on here. You have enough readers now to get a few comments on it. (I love a good query edit) also Evil Editor is a fun site to check out.

  10. @ Emily

    Hey, I'm TOTALLY up for that! if you want to send me your thoughts, the blurb is on my 'what I'm working on' page at the top of this blog :)

    rip it to shreds :) seriously, the more you tear into it, the wider I'll smile, 'cause the more I'll learn ;)

  11. I wrote some comments on a word document but I don't know where to send them.

  12. My email address is listed on the 'contact' page :)


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