Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Wigs for Kids

Well, I just got home and I feel a whole lot lighter...

Probably 'cause I just donated about 12 inches of hair to the Wigs for Kids BC organization.

This is the third time I've donated hair to this program, and I think it's great because it was started locally and works with the BC Children's Hospital to provide human hair wigs (FREE of charge) for children and teens with cancer.

Since the cost of wigs is pretty high (around the one-two thousand dollar mark), I think it's pretty awesome that kids from lower-income families don't have to go without.

Anyone out there with long hair that has not been chemically processed (colour, highlights, perms, etc), I encourage you to check online for similar local programs. Normally the minimums are 6-8".

It's such a small thing to get your hair cut... but for kids and teens undergoing cancer treatments, it's a priceless gift.


If anyone is interested in this program, but isn't local to Vancouver, you can mail the hair to Eva & Co. Wigs and clearly mark on the envelope it's for the Wigs for Kids program. Hair must be virgin (no chemicals), clean, dry and tied tightly with three elastic bands (one on either end, one in the middle). Minimum is 8" (for curly hair, pull straight to measure).


  1. It's good feeling knowing your hair served a purpose other than being swept into a dust pan or hanging around your shoulders all day long. Glad you did it. I have a nephew who has cancer in remission right now. Thanks from a person who has lost 3 family members to cancer, a cousin, mom and grannie. You are super.

  2. That's wonderful that you did that. I've done it too. I'm getting near the time to do it again. My hair has passed the middle of my back.

  3. What a wonderful idea. I wish we had something like that in England, (or that I'd known about it if we do). My daughters both had a foot of hair cut off last year.

  4. My hair is to my mid back, and though it has been dyed the local program here says I can still donate. I'm thinking about it but they require ten inches from the shortest layer so that would put it at my chin, but it is such a great cause.

  5. That is so wonderful.

    Being a kid, going through so many changes...losing their hair because of treatments to save their life can seem small to some folks. But there are adults who struggle with hair loss so seeing this post brought a small to my face.

    Good on you :-)

  6. I followed you here from Wicked and Tricksy. Great post!

    I'm also now your newest follower, so:

    Nice to meet you, dude.

  7. @ KSCollier

    I've also had a number of family members who have had cancer. Thankfully, most of them were not serious cases and with treatment, they are now doing alright.

    @ Christine, Sarah & JA Bennett

    Depending on the program, there are different requirements depending on who the wigs are for. Because many recipients (through this program) are young children, they only accept virgin (untreated) hair because it's more natural for kids. There are also many places you can mail your hair to as long as it's clean, dry and tied tightly with three elastic bands: one on either end and one the middle.

    @ Matthew

    Nice to meet you too... but I ain't a dude ;)


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