Friday, March 28, 2014

Emergency Flash Fiction Friday

It's fine spring day here, but what's the weather like in your corner of the world?

New prompt up @ Skullduggery, so come play along :)

...and for those who sent me emails this week... sorry, today's the first day I'm kinda back up on my feet, and still not up to eating solid food, so I will answer soon.

Y'know how I said I pulled something in my back when I was throwing up? Yeah... 6 ribs yanked away from my spine. It's been pretty hard to breathe or move all week, so I'm heading into see the chiropractor today to get those mischievous ribs wrestled back into place.

Saturday, March 22, 2014

Karma & throw-up

Two things led me to write this post.

The first is my brain has been pulling me back to "RoRS". The anonymous main character (MC) contemplates karma a lot through the story, in terms of punishment/redemption, real/fake, something the MC desires/fears.

Now, no matter what long story I write, there are a few things that are always going to show up...

One of those is vomit jokes. I think "RoRS" has three or four.

The second thing that led me to write this post is an awful flu that's been making its way through the lower mainland. In the last two weeks, it's been passed around my immediate family... nephew, sister, mother, father... and a couple hours ago, I joined the ranks of the vomiting-near-dead.

Let's just say I now regret my breakfast and lunch choices... nothing ever tastes as good coming up as it did going down*.

Okay, enough with the gross stuff, I swear.

Karma isn't something I believe in. Ultimately, I think we're responsible for our own choices, our own attitudes, our own reactions. The idea of karma is really only good for one thing: reminding you to let go of the bad things that happen which aren't under your control.

Someone cuts you off in traffic? Isn't it healthier to think, "Well, maybe he'll get a speeding ticket" rather than stew and growl and put yourself into a bad mood.

Having the flu is totally out of my control... but I'm choosing to laugh about it rather than moan and groan.

Okay, I'm back from another fast mini-adventure.

Still trying to laugh about it, but perhaps it's better to make you laugh instead, 'cause I seriously just pulled something in my back and it now hurts to breathe :p

Sooooo... remember to chew your food, and flu season is definitely a good motivator to keep your bathroom clean.

I'm hoping some Twinings Irish Breakfast Tea will stay in my stomach a little longer than the glass of water.

Cheerio, and good night!

* This line is a long-time joke in my family. When I was in grade two, I got sick. Like, really badly dangerously sick. After not being able to eat anything for weeks... my mom brought me a handful of the first strawberries of the season. I slowly nibbled them down, and a few minutes later... up they went. I remember being really thankful to her, that she brought me my favourite food even though we both knew I was going to throw it up, and she looked so sad when I did throw them up, so I said, "They tasted almost as good coming up as they did going down"... like I thought that would somehow make her feel better.

Friday, March 21, 2014

Story-time Flash Fiction Friday

Okay, it was completely a slip-up, but it might be a little telling that I typed 'Flask' instead of 'Flash' in this post title, and only caught the mistake right before hitting 'publish'.

New prompt up over at Skullduggery, and I'm dashing out now to take my car in... did I spell it correctly on my other site? or do more boozy-mishaps abound?

Pour me some Flash Fiction?

Monday, March 17, 2014

Questions that might make interesting prompts

What is the most tactful way of answering the question, 'what is it about me that drives people to drink?'

How does a retired spy make out in assisted living? Bridge, cribbage, or bingo? Would telling true stories about pre-retired life be taken as senility?

Would a gambling addict do the least damage in pharmaceutical development, money management, or the government?

If time really is money, what currency would it be? Personally, at today's rates, I hope it'd be the British pound.

I get why the old woman swallowed the spider to catch the fly, and swallowed a cat to catch the bird, but why would she swallow a cow to catch the goat, since both are herbivores?

If you're dehydrated too much water can also make you lose electrolytes, but you're supposed to drink half a gallon per day, although more than a gallon is dangerous because it washes out all the salt in your body and causes water intoxication, isn't it safer to stop drinking coffee and hard liquor altogether and just stick to beer which is approximately 92% water, so it both dehydrates you and rehydrates you at the same time?*

*Train of thought not at all influenced by the fact that today is St. Paddy's Days and I'm 1/2 Irish...

Friday, March 14, 2014

Reflected Flash Friday Fiction

Oh my goodness the weather has been so great all week, now the weekend comes, and it's supposed to rain again. From all the sunshine this past week, the snowdrops and crocus' have been blooming madly and the trees are tipped green and pink with new growth.

But, for all of you still mired in the clutches of winter, here's an excellent excuse for you to lurk inside on your computers... a new Flash Fiction prompt over at Skullduggery!

Come, play along, and don't hate me 'cause the sun's coming back Monday and I'll be running around outside in a t-shirt with no socks...

Friday, March 7, 2014

Water-logged Flash Fiction Friday

Due to a bit of flooding, I've got water on the brain...

So pop over to Skullduggery for the latest flash fiction prompt :)

...I know you're watching/reading, 'cause I can see the numbers, so, c'mon, play along and have fun :) All the cool kids write flash fiction... they also jump off bridges...

Monday, March 3, 2014

Video didn't just kill the radio star

...sorry, I couldn't resist :) The song is too funny not to reference*

Thank you Alcar for passing along the link to an interesting article.

*and thankfully that fashion sense has also died a (hopefully) permanent death. Then again, can't you just imagine that lead singer coming back as a zombie dressed like that?