Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Unexpected voices

I've mentioned before that I'm more comfortable writing in 3rd person. Project #3 (with Alexander) is kind of a new thing for me, both writing in 1st person, and also writing in present tense., while I've been taking a few days *off* from my computer screen to rest my eyes/brain, out of nowhere, suddenly I've got this cocky, raw, unfamiliar voice keeping me awake at night...

I've got no idea where it's going (other than the obvious...) no idea who the main character is (I don't know the name or even the gender), but in a burst of effort to get this new voice out of my head (so I can sleep again), I spilled something out onto a freshly blank, electronic page. 1,190 words in one shot. It's totally normal for me to stop mid-scene... sometimes, mid-paragraph, so the abrupt ending is not, well, the actual end of the scene. This is first-draft material... so be warned, it's a little sketchy.

Tentatively, it's called, 'Brake Fluid, Blood & Body Bags', and I have the sneaking suspicion that 'Triss' is the *wrong* name, so that will probably change.

Go ahead... tell me what you think... it's different from what I normally write (well, different from the YA/MG stuff I've posted on this site) and at this point, I don't know if it's worth continuing or not. Maybe I'll play with it for NaNo and see where it goes :)


  1. How about that? I'm taking my first stab at first person, too. And I like how you seldom start sentences with "I." This reads well to me. :)

  2. Oh my god. Feed me more.

  3. @ David

    It's hard, isn't it? To use varied sentence structure with first person... I find that's what I mostly get tripped up with.


    Thanks :) I was kinda hesitant posting it 'cause it is first-drafty

    @ Sarah

    sorry, that's all I got... I really wish I knew what happens next!

    @ writeidea

    uh, oh, it's time to be really afraid when you start talking like me...

  4. Snarf. That's right.

  5. Only time I tried 1st person present was a piece I did about how my dog did at a herding trial, years ago.
    BTW I have awarded you the Liebster award. Check my blot tomorrow to get it.


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