Friday, September 9, 2011

Weekend plans!

...I've got a great weekend all planned out!

Dinner out tonight with our ex-neighbours (before we moved to the witch's hut), tomorrow morning drop the pets off at jail (okay, it's an over-the-top kennel where they have couches, a fireplace and a tv for the dogs... and a huge half-acre run for them to play in), then catch The Clipper ferry to Seattle to watch the Mariners game!

Go, Ackley!

(in case you haven't guessed, he's #13)

Sunday I'll be having a barbecue at my parent's place (on the mainland) with my sister and my cute little nephew... I suspect most of the afternoon festivities will be spent tumbling around on the lawn pretending to be dinosaurs. This usually involves one of us playing the Anklyosaurous crawling around on all fours and the other playing the Tyrannosaurous Rex (both from the Cretaceous Period and from the same part of the world*) who tries to flip over the other while roaring and shouting, "let me bite your soft, white underbelly!!" accompanied by much tickling and giggling.

...we're a hit, I swear ;) No need for other entertainment when the two of us get together :)

What about you guys? Any fun weekend plans? When's the last time you got together with your family?

*Hey! Don't judge me... the facts have gotta be correct! ...and yes, I'm a total nerd, but since he's my little clone, it's all okay :)


  1. Sounds like a fun filled weekend. Me? In'law pick up kids for a weekend fun with Nana and Pa, dinner, movie, artfestival, crab boil, truck shopping, dinner with my husband and my dad, pick up the kids. Not necessarily in that order, but fun anyway! Enjoy the game!

  2. @ Cynthia

    Wow! Sounds awesome! got me at dinner, movie, & crab boil... I MIGHT even trade a Mariners game for that :D

    ...what kind of truck are you looking for? Like, a pickup?

  3. A Mariner's game? And tickling and giggling? Sounds like great fun!

    My hubby likes to refer to the kennel as the pound. Poor dog. We go on vacation. He goes to the pound.

    Enjoy your weekend, 1000th.monkey!

  4. Fellow Fantasy writer and Campaigner, I hope your weekend is going as planned and you're able to get the pets out of jail soon. Happy to meet you. I'm following you.

  5. Your weekend plans sound delightful! I love your blog and I have nominated you for the Leibster Award. Check out my blog for more details.

  6. Thank you for the awards, guys!

    The pets were both happy to get out of jail and the weekend was great, even though Ackley (and the rest of the team) made quite a few bone-headed manoeuvres. Oh well, it was still a blast and I stuffed myself silly with ballpark popcorn and chicken strips :)


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