Friday, September 2, 2011

10 Random Facts

Since there's a round of these going on amongst my fellow Platform Building Campaigners, I thought I'd throw this out real quick before I have to leave :)

1. When dining on my own in a city, I tend to eat like a 80 year old Japanese man (not my own words). I'll order hot sake (which is the cheapest sake), unagi (that's eel) on rice and a variety of appetizers like grilled quid with soy, etc.

2. I have probably 2 dozen baseball hats (conservative estimate). I'm not into souvenirs/dust collectors, so whenever I travel, I buy a hat.

3. My current black cat is the 4th black cat I've had in my life. I have had a weakness for them since learning that, statistically, they are the cats that get gassed 'cause no one will adopt them.

4. I'm the only one in my entire extended family whose hair stayed that childhood-blonde colour. Everyone else's turned brown before they hit the age of 10.

5. Since my hair is basically like a child's hair, I donate it every 2-3 years (when it gets long enough) to a program that makes wigs for children with cancer/etc and whose families can't afford to buy their child a wig.

6. One of the 2 reasons I quit university to do animation training is because one of my professors gave me a 'D' on a paper I worked incredibly hard on and actually said to my face that she thought I was too stupid to have written it. The reason? Being dyslexic can make teachers/professors easily misunderstand you.

7. I can milk a cow, ride a horse, build a rock wall, do plumbing, electrical work, drywall, etc and know my way around almost every power tool out there.

8. I had pet chickens as a kid that I trained to come, to fly up and land on my arm, and a few other tricks.

9. I met my husband in high-school. Yup, that's right.

10. I have double-jointed knees.


  1. Interesting facts. I really like point eight. I didn't know you could train chickens.

  2. Hello Campaigner! Thanks for visiting my blog, I thought I'd return the favour. On point 8: One professor in University gave me a D on a paper only after I begged for a passing grade and totally chewed me out during a presentation I was trying to give. All other profs were giving me A's and B's. She told me that it couldn't be her teaching that was to blame because others in the class are getting A's. It's been like eight years and I can still picture her condescending face.

  3. Haha. For #1, I was thinking an 80-year-old Japanese man would eat. . . very slowly. But you meant foods! Also, #3 is heart breaking. I love black cats!

    By the way, thanks for visiting my blog, fellow Canadian campaigner!

  4. That's great, I wish my hair would grow fast enough to do that.


  5. That's it. Next cat I adopt will be an adult black cat. I hate and love going to the SPCA... it makes me cry every time.

    Also, double-jointed knees?!? Hmm... I think this calls for a YouTube video...

  6. Interesting random facts. I didn't know that about black cats. I guess superstition still abounds.

  7. @ ladonna

    yup, I trained them to respond to different whistles. Hey, even my cat is fully trained! It just takes perseverance :)

    @ Jessica

    Ha, ha, nope, I'm a fast eater :) Because Vancouver (where I grew up) has such a high population of Asian immigrants (I think it's like 52% of the population now...) I grew up eating that kind of food, so I love it :) Especially anything spicy

    @ Faith

    ...honestly it's not all that interesting, I can just twist my legs into weird shapes... I can't even describe it... but it freaks people out when I do it :)

    Yeah! Adopt black cats! They need love too :)

  8. Wow, I didn't know the black cats stat! That's sad :( . We can't have cats b/c of allergies in the family, but I get my cat love at friends' houses :).

  9. Lots of black cat lovers on here - me too! We have two toms that we took on from the rescue agency. Love them to bits.


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