Thursday, September 15, 2011

(belated) Blog Award thank-yous

...okay, I admit it, I'm so new to this whole blogging thing, this week is the first time I've ever heard of blog awards...

So I bow my head and ask forgiveness to all the wonderful people that offered me an award in the last week or so, and thank them for their patience since I have been slow at getting back to them all...

(I think I got everyone... if not, give me a slap)

Also, my Random Facts are here ...and no, I won't be putting up a YouTube video to demonstrate what double-jointed knees can do :) seriously freaks people out... then they always try to mimic/copy, and almost always end up falling over onto the floor.

Alrighty, here are all the lovely people who have given me a blog award/etc:

Jennifer Groepl offered me the Liebster Blog Award, and mentioned me for her #Four4Friday
elizabethanne offered me the Versatile Blogger Award
Karen deBlieck offered me the Versatile Blogger Award & Liebster Blog Award
Guilie offered me the Versatile Blogger Award
Cheryl Reif tagged me on her blog
kineticwriting/juliet offered me the Versatile Blogger Award
kelworthfiles offered me the Versatile Blogger Award
Angela Brown offered me both the Irresistibly Sweet Blogger Award & the Versatile Blogger Award
The Blogger Girlz offered me the Versatile Blogger Award offered me the Versatile Blogger Award
homecomingbook offered me the Liebster Blog Award
Jess offered me both the Versatile Blog & One Lovely Blog Awards
Nick Hight offered me the Versatile Blogger Award
Yvette Gonya offered me the Versatile Blogger Award (and probably the nicest compliment I've ever had in my life)
prerna pickett offered me both the One Lovely Blog & Blog on Fire Awards

Thank you all very much for your kind words and taking the time to think of me :) ...honestly, the fact that so many people think I have something interesting to say, that totally just blows my mind. Thank you :)


  1. Blog award party over here! Oh that too forward?

    Seriously though, you're your own person, speak your own mind and that resonates with a lot of people.

  2. If nothing else, you are always interesting :D
    I think you know me well enough now to know I mean this in the best possible way.

  3. @ Michael

    ...first time in my life, I assure you ;)

    @ Angela

    I'd have to say, it's been a pretty eventful journey... and a steep learning curve since I only started blogging a couple months ago... ;)

    It's a whole lot of fun, though :)

    @ Sue

    ...ah, but *interesting* can mean both good, or bad depending on the context ;)

    you know how weird I am about the implied meaning of words... now, explaining THAT in a blog post will take a little thinking, but I suppose if you found that big of weirdness intriguing, than maybe someone else will too...

  4. Woooooo awards! Gotta love those pretty badges on the side of your blog... :D

  5. Congratulations on being the recipient of so many awards! Yay you!

  6. I said "interesting" in your case, meant all good. Explain what? your love of words? Let me know what you think of my photo blog just posted... please....I'm cold - talk later

  7. Hello. I'm a new follower from the campaign. Thanks for commenting on my blog.

    Congrats on all the awards!


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