Friday, September 23, 2011

Something a little different 4

I've had a couple of really busy days (like, haven't-been-sleeping-busy)* and I haven't thought of a topic to blog on for today, so let me revert (aka bore you) by showing another project from my days of education...

This time, not from animation school.

This is from a class on architecture in university. We had to choose any building we wanted, past or present, and make a to-scale architectural model of it and write a research report.

(click on the photo to see it full size)

I chose the Villa Rotunda, a very famous Italian villa by the architect Palladio. It was very obviously based on the Pantheon in Rome, even down to things like how rainwater is channelled through the oculus and through a drain in the centre of the floor down into the basement. It is perfectly symmetrical on all four sides, which is the primary reason it caught my attention. Since I've moved a couple of times, many of the tiny statues (sculpted from Fimo, 5/8" tall, in seven different poses because there are seven statues for each of the four sides -> 28 total) have fallen off/broken and you can see the yellow remnants of the glue. You also can't see it very well, but each pediment is held up by six Ionic columns, and I even made the tops curl properly (seriously, I know I'm such an obsessive nerd...). The entire thing (other than the statues) is made from thin white cardboard and held together with regular white glue.

...anyways, projects like this are what my tuition was spent on, which was only slightly more useful in the real world when compared to animation school...

...but at least I had fun ;)

Okay, I swear you'll get a real post on Monday, so have a happy weekend!

*By the way, if you've noticed I haven't been keeping up with comments/etc, it's because when I'm tired like this, I can't read or write without getting a major migraine (dyslexia sucks)... I swear I'll catch up, but right now it's nearly impossible for me to comment on other people's sites when they have word verification turned on, so I'm still reading everyone's blogs... I'm just not commenting.


  1. I love this... You really are one versatile girl, aren't you? I hope you get a little un-busier soon -- not good for your health, especially if you're not sleeping. Life's been hectic down here in my little island. At the end of the month things will change, though, and I hope to keep up better with the world :)

    I do know the Villa Rotunda (I knew it as Rotonda, actually) -- it's a fantastic building, and you did a great job of recreating it. Thanks for sharing! And thanks for the visits to my blog... always, much appreciated :)

  2. That really is impressive. Architecture school sounds like fun.

  3. It's very impressive. Do we get to see something from animation school?

    Thanks for sharing.

  4. all the blogspot blogs have word verification - I find them easier than on other sites. So what did the ariteture have to do with animation??

  5. @ Guilie

    My grandmother was an artist, so me and my cousins all had art classes with her from the time we were quite little (like, I think I started when I was 6 or 7) so I'm familiar with using most art mediums. I even have a china kiln in my garage for china painting/firing.

    @ Cherie

    I've posted a couple things in the past, but all of my animations are on a HD somewhere in a box (since I moved recently).

    @ Sue

    You can turn off the word verification, like, I use Blogger and you'll notice I don't have it turned on 'cause I'm dyslexic-friendly ;) It's absolute murder on my brain trying to type out a set of random letters/characters, though I feel bad 'cause I love reading/commenting on other people's writing & blogs. I've even come to a full stop on the MS I'm beta-reading for someone. After a break, I'll be fine again :)

    I didn't go to school for architecture, it was just one of the classes I took while finishing my degree at university, many years AFTER I did the whole animation thing.

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