Thursday, May 31, 2012

Quick 'n dirty update

I just crossed 34,000 words on 'Brake Fluid' and ended chapter 12 with the line:

“Oh shit,” I say, and drop the phone without erasing it.

At midnight tonight we're pulling 'the witch's hut' from the market., of course, I just got a showing request for 12:30pm today (must get to cleaning)

I've spent the last 2 days in the rain pulling ivy (which was fun, no really, I do like working in the rain)

Yesterday afternoon I had a pond-guy in to look at the dilapidated pool and give me his thoughts on turning it into a reflecting pond with plants/fish.

...due to his suggestions, I set 4 old hoses to siphon out the water overnight and now it's nearly empty!

(and looking even more like a cesspool)

Also, while we were in Seattle, 1/2 the lid on the septic tank collapsed in. Yeah. Perfect timing, eh? Gotta call someone about that...

So I'd say the witch's hut is in tip-top-witchy-viewing-condition for the showing today.

After the viewing, I figure the pool will be completely empty and I'll be able to get in there with the power washer, a big broom, and a shovel to clean out all the muck.

Yes, and maybe get some more writing done tonight ;)

(I'm feeling pretty good!)


  1. awesome line to end with, lol. Good luck with the showing. I remember trying to sell our house,it was such a pain.

    1. I've never done this before, but I'm trying to be really conscious of how each chapter ends. Sometimes it's difficult, and sometimes the ending line just comes out way too easily...

      I hear you on the house thing... after all, I've moved 8 times in 8 years, and only a couple of those were places we were renting.

  2. You wouldn't like working in the rain today - too much rain. And that line...without erasing? what? the phone the message? ok maybe it's just me. I got inspriation and been writing almost steadily since yesterday. Not a lot of words but I've got a plan... (I heard that! you said "oh oh")

    1. Yup, the MC's listening to a voicemail on Triss' phone.

      Yeah for inspiration!! :D

      I was out with my writing group today and did a little writing, and a little more when I got home. Tomorrow I'll be in Vancouver (family member's b-day) so unfortunately I know I won't get anything dome tomorrow, whether it be writing or work in the garden. The weather's nice here today though ;)


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