Tuesday, May 22, 2012

My sense of humour needs an overhaul

Yeah, it's shameful to admit, but I have a total soft-spot for play-on-word or pun-related jokes.

I've already cut out (well, toned down) a horribly nerdy wine-pun in 'Brake Fluid'. Seriously, how can you read a name like 'Ch√Ęteauneuf-du-pape' and NOT want to make a joke?

...anyways, another pun-ish joke has snuck its way into 'Brake Fluid', which I find funny on two different levels:

Triss says it’s cause I’m afraid of being trapped. Closet-phobia, she calls it, or something like that, which is weird ‘cause I’ve slept in closets before and have been just fine.

...I'm sure the first reason it's funny is pretty obvious (misunderstanding the word 'claustrophobic'), but can you guess the second reason I find this funny?

Hint: it's related to the fact the MC's gender is never specified.

Yup, it's a total groaner. My sense of humour needs a good overhaul...

I haven't decided if I will cut it or not. For now, I'll leave it in there 'cause it makes me laugh :)

Oh, and just as I was closing the 'Brake Fluid' file last night, a new character for 'Afraid of the Dark' suddenly popped into my head...

...hmmmm... writing gods is going to be fun :) I'm excited to finish the end of 'Brake Fluid' so I can get back to 'AotD' ...which still needs a new title.


  1. I'm one of those people that laughs as the stupidest things...I don't know why. But as long as you're able to find the humor in things, it doesn't matter if it's a little different than most.

    1. Heh, true :)

      ...I think some of the things that make me laugh in other stories might be stranger.

      Like, Alexander (from Project #3) is learning fractions in school and doesn't understand them... so to kill time during math class, he's making a paper chain... and how he explains/describes it, he's completely thinking of it in terms of fractions.

      Yup... the oddest things make me laugh...

  2. yeah I've been MIA -- Bernie likes puns.... and yeah leave the closet joke in - I got it. Your sense of humour is just fine

    1. ...the only pun I will never laugh at is the whole 'genes/jeans' one.

      I figured you'd get that one ;)


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