Tuesday, May 29, 2012

A neat welcome home

Last night I caught the 7pm ferry home, which meant I rolled into the driveway around 9:45pm.

Along one side of our driveway, there's this treed/grassy area between us and the neighbours. It's a favourite place for the deer to lay around in the shade and munch grass.

Well, as I parked and was getting my bags from the car, suddenly, who should scamper up? The yearling deer twins from our family of four (well, family of six now I guess). Seriously, they popped out and stood right at the very edge of the driveway scoping me out.

I was a little startled, so I said, "well, hello there you two." And they began to play with each other, mock charging and standing up on their back legs, not even ten feet from where I was standing.

This morning, they had found three other yearlings (who I guess also had mothers with new fawns) and all of them were standing in the garden (one of the ones I haven't cleaned up, so it's filled with 2' of grass) munching away and looking at me.

...it's like they've joined a gang and are getting pretty brazen...

I'm thinking, since they already recognize me as someone safe, could it be possible to train them to eat out of my hand?

...I think I may do a little Google research on what tasty treats I can tempt them with that are not bad for them...

Anyways, I snapped a picture on my phone through the window... to the left of the picture, that's the treed/grassy area I was talking about where they like to sleep in the shade. Sorry for the reflection from the glass... oh, the twins are the two in the raised garden closest to the edge. Yes, I can tell them apart from the others ;)

(click for full size)


  1. that is so school! Nature at its best.

    1. Yup :) Even though they eat almost everything I plant in the gardens... I still love all the deer :)

  2. Amazing - what more can I say?


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