Sunday, May 13, 2012

Happy Mom's Day!

Happy Mom's Day to all the mothers out there. I'm at the ferry terminal waiting to catch the 9:00am ferry to go over and spent the day with my mom-in-law since my own mother is in Mexico right now... Yup, every year for the past 10 years, my patents go down to Mexico for the first couple weeks of May, sp its rare that I actually see her on this particular holiday. Don't worry, I set her an email at 6:30am this morning ;) So, I hope everyone out there has a wonderful day, whether you're spending it with your mother or not.


  1. I sent flowers to my Dad for today...just in case. He loves flowers. Have a great day.

    1. Awww, so nice :)

      My husband was in Seattle for a couple days, so he got her a Washington Huskies zip-up jacket/hoodie? She loved it 'cause she's always taking long walks with the dog.

      I won't see my mom until the 27th, so I've still got a little time to figure something out ;)


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