Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Miss Snark's Secret Agent

No, it's not me this time, since I've been pulling ivy and drawing hippos instead of writing, but one of my long-time writing buddies has an entry in the latest Miss Snark's First Victim Secret Agent Contest.

...and I already know she's going to kill me for pointing you there...

BUT, even though her story isn't in a genre I would normally read, I do love this story and have been pestering harassing threatening encouraging her to finish it so I can read the final version.


  1. You are a great friend to poke and prod another to finish their WIP. There's nothing quite like that sense of accomplishment.

    1. I agree :)

      ...and it helps that I quite like her story ;) Though it's about vampires, it definitely leans further to the Bram Stoker side rather than the Twilight side.

      The two of us have spent much time debating the true nature of *monsters*

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