Thursday, May 24, 2012

Butter-knife, baseball, and a few good lines

Wow, this timeline is difficult...

BUT, I was pleased to hit 32,500 words (exactly) yesterday, and I'm now officially working on chapter 12, even though chapter 10 is still shorter than it should be (only 1,722 words). But hey, this is still a first-draft, so there's plenty of time to rectify that later.

For those of you who've been hanging around for a while (and read some of the earliest first-draft chunks that I pre-posted to go up while I was in New York...), I finally got to 'the butter-knife scene'.

Yup, the one mentioned in my blurb/practice query. The event that finishes off the night of 'the party' six months previous where everything went horribly wrong.

...and I was surprised to find there were actually some good lines in there!

Out of all the new words that I wrote yesterday, I think this was my favourite line:

In that moment of paralyzed silence before the next song cuts in.

I know it doesn't make much sense out of context ;)

Chapter 12 is only about 1,000 words long right now, but when it ends, it also ends one of the time-lines... the night of the party six months back. From there, it'll just swap between the present-day and the night Jackson died.

OH! And y'know how music wasn't previously planned for, but keeps showing up and rounding everything out? is doing the same thing.

I always knew Jackson died from getting whacked in the head with a Louisville Slugger, but baseball jargon/references seem pop up more than I thought. Like, 'batter', and 'catcher', how the players in their twisted bet are being 'warmed-up'... things like that.

Small spoiler? The very last thing Jackson says before he dies is, "It was a home-run."

Sorry, but I'm not giving you the context for that line either :)

...and speaking of baseball, the husband and I are taking off to Seattle this weekend for another baseball game :) I think they're playing LA on Saturday night...

Sunday, instead of heading directly home, I'm going to drive into Vancouver to spend a belated Mothers' Day with my parents, sister & cute little nephew since they're all back from Mexico now. I should also try to pack up the rest of the porcelain-painting supplies, since most of what's still at my parents' house is all the killer-expensive stuff... Roman gold & lustres.


  1. I love that line you posted - it's very lyrical :)

    I know I've been totally out of it and away for the last month - but my honeymoon did that to me. I'm excited to get back into reading your blog posts on a more regular basis (Also, your hieroglyphs were amazing).

    Enjoy the weekend!

    1. Yeah, that'll do it to you ;) Especially in Hawaii ;) I'd love to hear what places were your favourites!

  2. I love that line - the first one not Jackson's -- actually could use your help -

    1. ...I'm always just an email (or phone call) away :)

  3. LOL: always a plus to like what you've written. Your book is shaping up nicely. These snippets make it sound interesting :)


    1. Heh, I'm so self-critical of my own writing, it's like an oasis in the desert when I can look at a sentence and go, "Oh wow, I actually really like that!"


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