Tuesday, May 29, 2012

First sighting of the new twins!

It's about 5:00pm here on the west coast, and I was outside pulling ivy for several hours and just starting to pack up when I heard a bit of crackle and crunching through the underbrush:

New twins, nursing. Maybe 20 yards from where I was working...

(as always, click to view full size)

Again, I only had my phone so when I zoomed in the quality wasn't great... but so cute, eh? You can't really see the second one, but it's on the other side. They're right on the border of our property and the nature reserve.


  1. Very cool to see in the wild! We have beef cattle at our house/farm and it's the most beautiful time of the year here!

    1. Ah, I grew up next to a farm! My mom used to pull my sister and I out of school whenever one of their cows or goats were giving birth. So very cool :)

      What's the size of your farm? Acres or hectares? What's the size of your herd? What kind of cattle?

  2. Again I say - awesome - might be a tad harder to think of moving now....

    1. Yup, even though one of the reasons to move was because this property is so large and witchy (and will suck up all my time and energy if I let it...), it's also the main reason I love it here.


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