Friday, May 25, 2012

Sometimes good things happen when you're deliriously tired

...and being dyslexic, usually only bad things happen when I combine tired + writing.

I did a lot yesterday. Hardly any of it was writing.

Honestly, I could have just crashed/gone to bed I was so wiped, but instead I built an enormous fire* in the fireplace (one of the few good things about the witch's hut), hunkered down on the sofa with the evil black cat (who promptly fell asleep and began squeek-snoring), and I opened 'Brake Fluid'.

I... tore chapter 12 apart about three times, splitting up scenes, moving chunks around, re-wording confusing bits, and cleaning up/adding to the lean portions.

In two hours, I only added about 400 words.

Then, as I was wavering on the edge of too-tired-to-see-keyboard-clearly, I decided exactly where to split a scene, inserted the triple-stars (which, sadly, are included in word count), and before my brain could catch up and realize what it was doing... I'd written 111 words of a new scene.

Of a plot point that didn't previously exist.

Which is exactly what I needed 'cause I'd pretty much written to the end of what I knew and had no idea where this thing was headed**.

Well, other than the whole matter of dumping the body, but that's kind of a given. I'm so excited to keep writing that I'm temped to break one of the cardinal *rules* of going away (no laptops).

Now I need to rush around like crazy to catch a ferry off this island :)

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend! ...any exciting plans? how many of you are going to hole yourself up with your keyboard and write?

*I have a... slightly unhealthy love of fire. Thankfully, I've also got common sense and a fire extinguisher.

**Don't panic. I rarely know where things are going, in writing, and in life. Let's just blame it on the blonde hair, okay?


  1. I don't plan on writing. I plan on playing some Diablo 3

  2. i think everything is hilarious when I'm that tired.

  3. yeah I got a lot done when I was tired too. A plot that didn't previously exist. Yep know that feeling too. A fire you want fire - come to hot Ontario. Have a good trip

    1. Ooooh, very nice! Congrats!

      Hahahaha, thanks, but I'm actually not good in the heat. I get heat-stroke very easily.

  4. I don't work well tired or scatterbrained, but Diet Coke usually helps with that. Just found your blog - new follower :)

    1. Nice to meet you Tasha!

      I like things like grapefruits when I'm tired :) I don't have much of a sweet-tooth. Even oranges I find too sweet sometimes :)


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