Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Progress is a wonderful thing

Well, since my hiatus ended, 'Brake Fluid' is now broken up into chapters and I've added over 4,500 words to the story, putting me around 31,600 words.

I'm on chapter 10 right now. Well, the scene I'm on at the moment will probably end up in chapter 11 or 12, but that's because I'm cutting/moving chunks of timeline around... since this story does hop between three different timelines... which is quite troublesome.

As for now, I'm concentrating on fleshing out the two main/longest timelines:

1) The present (when Triss & the MC are on the road trying to dump Jackson's body)

2) The party 6 months earlier where a bet went horribly wrong, essentially the inciting incident.

The third timeline, the night Jackson actually died... I'm going to wiggle that in after the other two are done.

...does that make me sound disorganized?

Well, it's not really about that :) Since I suck at multi-tasking, I found it too difficult to hold all three timelines in my head at the same time. Also, since the MC is trying to avoid thinking about the death (as he/she is sort of being eaten up by guilt...), I want that night to only come in small, sudden chunks which burst out when the MC is under stress.

I think I'm not ever going to write a three-timeline story again.

Well, I suppose if the story suits it... like, I don't think 'Brake Fluid' would work without this format because of the long stretch of time between the party and the night Jackson finally died. Also, 'cause of the personality of the MC, and the fact that they're in a car most of the story... and, I don't know about you, but my brain always jumps around all over the place when I'm in the car for a long period of time.

It's like when you're not moving around/concentrating on other things, the brain just spins and stews and sweats.

...also, to make things even more complicated, the third timeline (the night Jackson died) is running backwards...

Okay, maybe it's just my brain that spins & stews & sweats... probably from this story...

How's everyone else doing? What stage are you at in your projects right now? Is anyone preparing to write something new for the June camp-edition of NaNoWriMo?


  1. sounds complicated, but I'm sure you can pull it off! I'm not so sure I could.

  2. That does sound extremely complicated. You must be a mastermind. I think the most that I can handle is two, and that's if they're really defined. If there too close together...well, it could end up having the butterfly effect. Good luck! (:
    I'm about to finish writing my first novel (hopefully by this weekend) and then I'm going to attempt camp NaNoWriMo, even if I have a late start. Are you doing it?

    1. Nope, not a mastermind... I think just a severe case of masochism :)

      ...let's just say I'm going to feel a little sorry for my CP's when I finally hand this over to them... I may have to get a good sack-full of bribes ready...

      Wow! Congrats on (almost) being finished! ...what's the genre/word count?

      I may *un-officially* be a part of camp NaNo. When I complete the draft for 'Brake Fluid', I'm probably going to need a break from the story before editing... and will probably try to get another chunk of 'Afraid of the Dark' written.

      So I may be late to the game too :)

    2. It's YA fantasy. Currently a little over 71K.
      And don't worry. I have faith in us. We can still do it. We're superheros! Saving books one word at a time. (Okay, so I'm watching Spiderman on TV right now. Sorry to be so abstract with my references, lol.)

    3. Hahahahaha, I like that ;)

      ...and I've been known to quote some pretty obscure references from time to time... and, when you take into account my background in animation, I'd say about 90% of the time no one has any idea what I'm talking about :p

      Hicka bicka boo?

      Boo shah!

    4. That sounds vaguely like Kim I right?

    5. (I'm an animated film junkie, by the way.)

    6. dingdingding!

      ...for that correct answer, you have just won just won lamb stew & meat cakes :D

      ...and you are my new favourite person :)

      What's your fav. Miyazaki film?

  3. Either I'm exhausted or I agree with your time lines - or both The idea of how the brain runs all over the place in the car is true and is an excellent vehicle for (oh god that was a pun - I am sooo tired) for the info to get out. I wanna be a beta reader for this, please, pretty please with tacos and french fries on top...

    1. Hahahaha!

      ...I think puns are like a virus... so easy to get infected and pass along without realizing ;) about a tuna sandwich dipped in hot maple syrup??? I'll use that as your bribe ;)


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