Wednesday, November 23, 2011

NaNo, Day 23

Well, as this post goes up, I'll be on a plane to the east coast. The husband has a conference in Toronto, so we're flying there today and taking a hopper flight to New York (since we've both always wanted to see the big Thanksgiving Parade), then flying back to Toronto (for the actual conference) next week, then instead of going home, we're flying straight to Seattle for a Seahawks game on December 1st., I won't be home again until sometime on December 2nd. It's just a hopper flight, so we'll book it when we're in Seattle.

Since I *promised* myself I would continue to post 3x a week minimum no matter what, I'm going to set up some posts to go up while I'm gone, like I did when I was gone in the summer.

...and I'm hoping you'd like a few more nibbles of my NaNo story (Project #4) which I plan to pick away at on the plane, if possible.

Comments and criticism are ALWAYS welcome, as usual ;) And I'll try to pop online whenever I can... but I just don't know how often that'll be.

I'm going to continue on from last time, but if you've been following along, you're going to recognize part of this scene from the Unicorn Bell suspense post:


Type me out a line of Shakespeare or a line of nonsense. Dumb-blonde-jokes & Irish jokes will make me laugh myself silly :)