Thursday, November 3, 2011

NaNo, Day 3

Well, I squeaked in a few words, somewhere in the 500 range.

I also patched the asphalt in my driveway (about 30 square feet in one long broken strip), made homemade chicken soup, and put up the bird feeders ('cause, y'know, it normally takes 5 months to do that...)

For my NaNo novel, today I played with the whole gender-mystery of the main character :)

So, I went through and added bits like this:


  1. Have you found the gender out yourself yet?

  2. @ Sarah

    Nope ;) ...and now I'm just having fun being intentionally ambiguous ;)

    ...although, I do wonder if, a new reader who wasn't aware that I don't know the gender, would just assume the character is male or female and not think about it.

  3. I really love 'I hope I stop growing soon'.

  4. @ Alcar

    Thanks ;) I love that the character is more terrified by things like that than my dumping a dead body...

  5. wow, my incredible typing skills are right up there this morning... should have been, '...than BY dumping...' and still the sentence sounds wonky :p


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