Friday, November 4, 2011

NaNo, Day 4

Another nibble of my NaNo novel:


  1. I like this - seriously. And I'm going to go ahead and read the rest of your teasers... because I want to :) (once I'm not at work - stupid work)

    P.S. I think your MC has this awesome supernatural cat like quality -- and that's really just me wanting supernatural cat powers, but are sneaky buggers (and cute enough for people to want to take care of them). XD

  2. @ RA Desilets

    Hahahahaha... the image I have in mind of the MC is a feral cat (which I do have a particular fondness for), so I'm glad that's coming across :D

    @ Prerna

    Thanks! Are you doing NaNo too?

  3. "When you shut yourself down, they stop making sense, and when they stop making sense, it’s like no one ever said them in the first place."

    Have you been inside my head? You have, haven't you?

  4. I'm with writeidea, though I don't think you've been in my head. That line is so loaded with literary power that it could stand on it's own dark foundation.

  5. ...sigh... why can't I write a happy, normal character for once? I swear, even when I'm trying to write something fun and quirky, the twisted and disturbed just seems to leak in and take over.

    @ writeidea

    I don't have that superpower...yet... ;)

    @ Angela

    Thanks, I'm trying to end every scene (or break within a scene) with a strong sentence like that.

    How's your NaNo going?

  6. It's coming along
    but I can't see the mother in a ratty, pink house-coat ....

    Due t my class I'm totally re writing stuff...

  7. @ sue

    ah, I was imagining that she just woke up. Probably on a weekend :)

  8. are so talented. Thanks for sharing :)

  9. Wow, do you have starvation-mode thinking down. No question in my mind from line one onward that this was a real person talking.

  10. @ Michael flatter me :)

    @ EP Beaumont

    Thanks :) ...though the more I write, the less sure I am which character desperately needs therapy


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