Monday, November 7, 2011

NaNo, Day 7

You know you're truly writing in the spirit of NaNo when your best description of the day is:

"...a sharp, vomit-baked laugh..."

...what can I say? It's a bunch of drunk kids at a party... how else would you describe that?

So how am I stacking up, word-count-wise?

At the end of today, I should be at 11,666 words. Currently my story is 15,167, but I wrote 4,255 of that before NaNo officially starts.

That puts my NaNo count at: 10,912 which means I'm 754 behind total word-count.

I have already written 2,578 today, and it's only 4pm here on the west coast, so I'm pretty sure I can make up that 700+ deficit before midnight, and hopefully get in a few extra ;)


  1. It's certainly an interesting description, and it gets straight to the point :-)

  2. Well, it sets a mood, that's for sure! :) Good job on your wordcount ... I'm off to spruce up mine!


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