Wednesday, November 30, 2011

We're not happy until you're unhappy

Okay, this is one of the few times in my life I feel like posting a rant. I'm still not going to, since my opinion against spreading negativity online should be known well enough by now.

...but I sure came damn close this time...

Instead I'm going to post a warning.

For anyone travelling to/from/within Canada, seriously, choose Westjet or ANY other airline. Air travel is... invasive, de-humanizing, and horrible enough without also adding on the Air Canada unofficial motto, "We're not happy until you're unhappy."

...and if you think I'm being too harsh, my best friend is married to an Air Canada pilot and when they travel, THEY choose a different airline despite the fact he flies for free and she can fly anywhere for only $25 (or maybe it was $75)

So, if even their own staff choose to use another airline, what does that tell you?


  1. shit - sorry you had such a rotten day - whew - we're flying not air canada next month - just from London to TO though.... more later

  2. you wrote this before even on the flight?

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  4. I managed to shock a manager at work with my rant on Canadian Customs. I haven't been that angry in a long, long time. "Oh, we'll make you miss your flight and you pay more money and spend 10 hours overnight in an airport." On the plus side, I didn't say a single thing I was thinking or I'd likely be in jail. On the downside, air canada decided to charge me an extra $100.

  5. I'm sorry you had such a bad experience. Travelling is stressful enough without that.

  6. @ Sue, alcar, Catherine & Sarah

    Yup, wrote it in the airport before getting on the plane. Over 45 minutes just to get our bags tagged (not checking in, not dropping the bags off, not even going through security) and we were sent to talk to 6 different counters and given contradicting information from all 6 people resulting in us having to pay an extra $300 (that we shouldn't have had to pay in the first place) and them helpfully telling us that since their systems *don't talk to one another* (I am not kidding... those were the words they used) that they could not refund our money. Their solution was for us to physically write a letter to the head office and ask someone to look into it, though they couldn't even tell us a name or department to address it to.

    And the entire time, every single Air Canada representative (except one) gave us MAJOR attitude... like, sarcasm, rolling their eyes, cutting us off mid-sentence/telling us we were wrong, even though we were repeating what another representative had told us... it was never ending.

    No one is trained, no one knows what's going on or where you actually need to go if there is a problem with their systems, and no one wants to take responsibility, help you, or even apologize for their screw-ups.

    The flight crew was perfectly nice though.

    We only travelled with them 'cause the husband's flight was paid for through work. Next time I tag along on one of his work-trips for a mini vacation, we're going to ignore the free ticket and just both pay to go on another airline.


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