Friday, November 18, 2011

GREAT book...

Habibi, by Craig Thompson.

If you like graphic novels that is...

...and if you don't mind seeing some pretty harsh realities like an arabic girl married off at age nine, sold into slavery and later becoming a prostitute to survive. If you love the tales from 1001 Nights, you will probably love this book. It is... amazing. Both the art and the story. And, it's huge! 665 pages with a gorgeous hard-cover and a small index in the back.

Here's a review on it. You can see some of the amazing pages here.

I opened it up last night and couldn't stop until I reached the last page.


  1. Pedophilia is everywhere. Why not in our fiction?

  2. @ Michael

    ...well, it certainly is prevalent in the history of many cultures, and is considered a question of morality by modern Western standards. I think it was handled... realistically in the book.

    ...though that really isn't the main point of the story. I know I won't read books with certain topics, so I felt it was only right to be clear that this isn't a book for kids.


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