Wednesday, November 9, 2011

NaNo, Day 9

18,148 words into my story and I just found out something dastardly about the night Jackson died...


Any big surprises in your own NaNo novels?


  1. I knew you would once you started to write it lol . yeah when I let my fingers do the typing my characters say and do all sorts of surprising things - I have no idea where it all comes from lol

  2. Cool.

    I added a character I hadn't outlined into the story. I didn't plan him. He just...showed up.

  3. @ sue

    well, I figured out there's a third person involved, but I haven't figured out who that third person is yet ;) Ah, perhaps tomorrow the answer will come...

    @ Angela

    Awesome! it a comedic character? Usually when a stranger just pops into one of my stories it'd 'cause I need a character to inject a little lightness into my... dark/strange/creepy stories...

  4. I'll let you know when I've written a bit more ...


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