Saturday, November 12, 2011

NaNo, Day 12

Well, on the 12th day of NaNo, my word-count is mightily behind what it should be.

Instead of writing, I'm sitting in one of my least favourite places in the world. The ferry terminal. Yup, I'm heading over to Vancouver and, since my husband is in Detroit, I'm taking my dad to the Seahawks game on Sunday. I'm really looking forward to the game, but not looking forward to losing 5 hours of my life travelling to Vancouver today, 5 hours travelling home on Monday, and then the 6 hour round-trip Seattle drive on Sunday.

That's a lot of hours I could have spent writing...

It's actually surprisingly cold* and rainy right now and I'm wishing I had brought gloves or a jacket 'cause my fingers are all stiff as I'm trying to type out this post. I think I'll head up to the SeaWest Lounge after we've loaded and have some nice, hot coffee or hot chocolate.

...and maybe, maybe, try to get a few new words in on the 1:45 ferry ride...

* According to my iPhone weather app, it's exactly 0 degrees C, which is 32 degrees F


  1. I got a chill from reading your post. Sounds miserable. Family obligations can make it difficult to find time to write. Don't get down on yourself. Do what you can when you can. Best of luck.

    BTW, you got me craving a nice warm cup of hot cocoa. Heading to the kitchen to make some now. (:

  2. It's chilly here too in Salt Lake City, though at least 20 degrees warmer than where you are at. Have fun at the Seahawks game.

  3. yep. winters on its way. But hey, only five months til spring, right? Not that I'm counting or anything - yet.

  4. Wow - it's colder where you are than here - "they" say BC doesn't get cold.... - borrow some gloves from dad and I know you'll warm up at the game. Enjoy!

  5. Brrr! Just at least it has to be a pretty ferry ride. I hope you enjoyed the game and get back to NaNo with renewed vigor!

  6. I hope the game was fun at least :-)


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