Monday, November 7, 2011


The Unicorn Bell site is talking about suspense this week...

And, 'cause it sounded fun, I submitted a scene from my NaNo novel for them to tear apart :)

...and I chose one with LOTS of different layers/kinds of tension, especially if you've been following the tidbits I've been posting.

I'll post a direct link when it goes up, so for those curious to read a new nibble... head on over there tomorrow and check it out.


  1. well I can't check it out so will have to wait. Who tears it apart? Just back from acupuncture now back to homework.

  2. Oh you are the master of suspense. I love reading your flash fictions and posts.

  3. @ Sue

    Well, I'm assuming it'll be torn apart ;) Who knows?

    @ Michael

    Oh yeah, I'm so masterful that even I don't know what's going to happen next! ...I mean, 'Brake Fluid' is in the actual title of the story and I'm 14,000 words in and only JUST figured out how that fits into the story ;)

  4. Good on you for submitting a piece for Unicorn Bell. I've noticed they do a pretty nice job of reviewing.

  5. @ Angela

    Yup, I was very pleased with their shredding abilities ;)

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