Saturday, July 23, 2011

A moment of revelation in the oddest of places

I was taking a break from editing Project #2 and reading Calvin and Hobbes (my all-time favourite comic strip).

I've got that awesome 3 hardcover book complete collection box set and was reading a Spaceman Spiff Sunday strip in the second book when, from some dark crevice in my brain, it suddenly hit me who/what Mari and Seth are from Project #3.

...and my jaw just dropped...

...'cause I have no idea if I can pull it off in a convincing and understandable way (since it's MG)...

...and I have no idea what genre it would even fall under... paranormal? speculative? fantasy? magical realism?

I feel like the whole thing just got a lot more complicated.

So, I tucked it back into my head and flipped the page to read another Calvin and Hobbes strip. I'll let it toss and turn awhile, let it fester, stew, secrete and absorb other unconscious thoughts until it leaps out again from the folds of my brain, but hopefully with more information than just a vague sense of *knowing*.

I hope all your brains send you tasty teasers!

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