Friday, July 22, 2011

J.C. Martin's 1 year birthday bash

So, something different... J.C. Martin's blog is 1 year old!

...which I crashed after finding out about it from Sue's blog.

Considering my editing-exhausted brain is searching for distractions, I thought I'd join in on the party:

Write a story (or a personal account) that begins with the phrase:

“A lot can happen in a year…”

The catch? It must be a drabble, i.e. exactly 100 words long, no more, no less. The starter phrase will not be included in your word count.

Some guidelines:

Proper nouns (names, etc.) count as just one word, e.g. ‘New Mexico’ is one word
Hyphenated phrases count as one word, e.g. ‘self-defence’ is one word
I shall be lax with conjunctions: you may count them as one word! 

And there are prizes! Go check out the site, join, write, have fun :)

So, here's my 100 word submission to follow after the phrase, "A lot can happen in a year..."

I could say the glitter of sunlight in spring dew is just as beautiful and the scent of night jasmine in the evening air is just as haunting. The yellow scrolls of new ferns and the threads spun by newly hatched garden spiders are familiar and warm. If all I focus on are the sensory moments that tug emotion and memories from my heart, then I can pretend it’s simply the smells, the tastes, the touches of the season that draw out these melancholic tears. As each new month and year passes by, I will wait and breathe and dream.


  1. So beautiful - I could see every bit of it

  2. ...well, it's not technically a story... but it'll do, I suppose :p

    It's weird how nervous I felt about posting *fresh* work... though I did have to edit my post 6x for spelling/grammar errors :p

  3. I've found writers to be very supportive understanding people. I can't spell so spell check and editing is imperitive to me. At least you went over it 6 times. Some people don't....

  4. in reply to the comment you left me:
    ooo thank you - they are real. First one is me, second is based on a young friend of mine.

  5. Hey, thanks so much for participating! This is just a quick note to say that I’ve been by to read your entry! Drop by my blog on July 26th for the announcement of my shortlisted entries!


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