Thursday, June 7, 2012

Slow & steady

Another 1,000 words today so far, and I'm hoping to make another 1,000 before the husband comes home, but that might be too optimistic a goal...

...I may have mentioned I'm dog-sitting this week?

She's a real sweetie, only about 8-9 months old. She's a mutt with a german shepherd-ish body and gait, but she's mostly black in colour with solid patches of brown and white, almost like my beagle's colouring. She also has one white foot with grey polka-dots.

Very cute... but very playful, to the point where my beagle keeps trying to take refuge on my lap (which makes it hard to type), and she's very interested in the cat... too interested. The first couple days, the dog avoided the cat, but the longer she's here, the braver she's getting and there's been two or three near-incidents already today.

Let me remind you, this cat once chased/cornered a 120 lb golden lab...

He's territorial, even in a house that's not his own.

At least the dog I'm pet-sitting is female, otherwise blood would have spilled on the very first day... the cat relentlessly hunts down any male animal (like the aforementioned golden lab) until they turn tail/submit.

So, even though I've spent the entire day puttering around doing inside-chores and writing... it's been a little difficult to concentrate with a growling, spitting black cat and a hyper dog who just wants to run around and play.

If it wasn't pouring rain out there... I'd take her for a long walk, while it wouldn't solve the problem, it would at least defuse the situation.

Ah, well, she's going home tomorrow so it's not too much longer :)


  1. yay! I need to get back on a good track with my writing. Keep it up!

    1. Me too :) Since it's been so sunny here lately, I've been outside from morning until night, enjoying working in the witchy-garden. is significantly less witchy now ;)

  2. I want a dog so, so badly, but I know he or she would just be a major distraction :)

    1. Especially puppies!!!

      ...and least my beagle is 4 now, so she's happy to sleep in a sunny spot on the sofa until I need to stretch my legs, then she's eager to walk :)

      Definitely distracting, but it's also nice to have that excuse to step away from the keyboard and go for a walk/run in the fresh air :)


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