Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Nearly there...

I'm about.... 500-800 words away from finishing my first draft of 'Brake Fluid'.

I'm rushing 'cause I've got a funeral to go to today in less than 1 1/2 hours and I still need to eat lunch and get ready.

...but I'm almost done :)

Favourite gross-out line of the day?

The trunk smells like... well, I can see why Eric thought a cat got cooked on the engine.

Favourite subtexty-description of the day?

Back in the trees, the chill wind has died down, as if the storm that almost-was is now rethinking where it wants to fall.
But unlike the rain, my mind is set. I’m going to do what I need to do. No more wussing out.

My word-count at this moment is 43,243. Low, but I know there's a lot of things that need clarifying during the editing process. I'm betting the first draft will come in very close to 44,000 words and with editing, I'm guess-timating it'll end up around 55,000 total.

I've already got a small mental list of consistency issues too... like changing all the mentions of Cherry Coke to Wild Cherry Pepsi, having Triss smoke throughout the entire story, Jackson's deck of cards needs to be shown earlier, and I have to weave more music stuff in places where I simply skipped over it to get to the next scene.

...and also I have to make sure the MC isn't strongly skewed towards either gender.

I also have a... quite disgusting *reference* question I need to ask a member of my writing group who, even if he doesn't directly have the answer, knows someone who will.

alcar...I'm lookin' at you ;)

How about you guys? Are you close to making your end-of-the-month-goals?

How about everyone doing NaNo June Camp?

Okay, time to shove something edible down my throat and get changed.

...there's been way too many funerals this past year...


  1. awesome! I'm still a ways away from finishing the first draft to my current WIP, but I've been putting a lot work into it lately so it won't be much longer. Hope you get the answer to your 'gross' question.

    1. Wo-hoo! Keep going at that pace! Seriously, you amaze me - writing away with the new little one to tend to :)

  2. I'm about to finish edits on a story I'm wanting to submit to a specif anthology.

    congrats on meeting your goals. that's awesome :)


  3. You are very close to your end word goal! Awesome! As for me, I'm moving this weekend so not much will get done in the way of writing, but once I'm settled in, it'll be full speed ahead :)

    1. Moving takes so much out of you, eh?

      Hope nothing important gets broken during the shuffle and stacking of boxes!

      Oh, and I had fun reading the excerpt on your blog!

  4. Congrats on almost being done!

    My camp's been insane - and I haven't actually accomplished a lot. I think I'm at 36k, where I was at 32k yesterday. I'm going to try to pump it out and finish it by Saturday :)

    So excited that you are almost done! And trust me, I always add a lot during the editing process ;) (My initial descriptions always end up being 'place holders' for better words later).

    1. Thanks, RA!

      NICE! I hope you finish by the end of June!

      I'll be in Seattle for a baseball game this weekend, so sadly, I won't have time to edit, but I WILL complete those last couple of scenes for sure ;)

  5. Shit I didn’t get notified

    My condolences to you and your husband’s family

    We went to Toronto to see Don Francks yesterday. He’s 80 and still got it!
    I spent time with some side characters from the Devil’s Mistress even though I have to finish An Ordinary couple, amazing what characters will tell you!

    I agree - gross!

    Very nice about the storm - very nice - can’t imagine what she’s gonna do

    What’s the question

    This seems easier way to write at the moment than e-mail

    speaking of music I have a reference in mine

    She couldn’t get enough of this man who she had met only a few hours ago. Her hands became uncontrollable, they meandered over every inch of him she could reach through the robe; she finally understood the song, Fever.

    Talk soon - suffocatingly hot today

    1. Ah, this one wasn't family. We're thinking that one's still a couple weeks away.

      This was the father of a friend of ours (same age) who suddenly succumbed to cancer.

      Very sad. Very well known in Victoria.

      Hahahaha the question is, what would the state of Jackson's corpse be by Sunday afternoon? ...and I listed all the specifics of the situation...

      It's cool and overcast today, and I need to get out there and mow the lawn before the rain sets in :)

  6. Well, did get you your reply :)

    Haven't had access to blogger while doing the dog-sitting for my parents, so sorry if it turned out be a bit late in the game.

    Also, damn :( That is far, far too may funerals.


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