Wednesday, June 20, 2012

A little light, but done

Chapter 17 is a little light, (just shy of 2,000 words) but I've already passed my 1,000-word-a-day goal and hit 41,214 on 'Brake Fluid'.

And it's only 1pm local time.

Surprisingly enough (...or maybe not at all for those who know me), I haven't written anything new for the present-timeline today, but have been working backwards from where I ended yesterday to fill in all the missing 'Jackson dies timeline' scenes.

...which twisted off in a direction I hadn't foreseen, but now makes perfect sense.

Favourite new line in Chapter 17?

“Shit, charity-case, you really are slow.”

Virtual high-five for whoever can guess the speaker of that nasty line...

Anyways, I'm pleased with my progress and I think I'm on schedule to finish this first draft before the end of the month, taking into account I'm not home either weekend.

Time to break for lunch ;)

Anyone else have any end-of-the-month goals?


  1. My end-of-the-month goal is to pay off some bills and go see Brave in the theaters. That is a good line btw. It has lots of personality in it.

    1. Oh, 'Brave' I want to see that too!

      ...but I'm a total animation junkie, so no surprises there ;)

  2. Is it bad that I'm in the middle of Chapter 6 on 35,500 words?

    1. Wow! Long chapters! ...but are you writing for adults or young adults? or is your story going to be very long?

      From what I've read, YA chapters are shorter, so I'm kind of sticking with that :)

  3. (Raises hand and shouts) I do! I do!

    I have a goal to complete my ms and get it to my publisher stat.

    There's nothing wrong at all with short chapters. I wouldn't sweat it, just let it.

    1. Oh! Excellent goal!

      I'm not worried about the chapters, since it does seem to be about the standard length for YA, and I know when I go back and work on the second pass of the story, everything will end up a little longer :)

  4. well I'm going to say Triss said the line....
    I believe I will meet end of month goal if real life doesn't get in the way too much I think I wanted to be done by yesterday ...but that real life thing got in the way

    1. Hahahahaha, real life tends to do that ;)

      I'm hoping to get the last chapter written on Tuesday (when I'm home again) since I've only got a couple days until I'm off again (leaving Friday morning for a Seattle baseball game on Saturday).

      So, 3 days ;)


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