Sunday, June 24, 2012

Learn something new

Today, the husband and I, along with a bunch of people our age from work, are taking the Canadian Firearms Safety course. We're doing the rifle course, which you have to take before taking the restricted firearm course -> aka, handguns.

I'm not sure what to expect, but it should be fun, interesting, and I'm certain I'll learn new things which I can incorporate into later stories :)

...any new adventures this summer?

EDIT: the course was fun! ...despite the fact it could have been shortened from a 10 hour 1-day course to about a 4 hour course if the instructor had limited the number of hunting/moose-killing stories.

Also, I got 100% of my written and 99% of my practical ;) top mark ;)

We're going back tonight for the restricted (handgun) course which *promises* to be shorter and almost entirely practical.


  1. I thought you were away today. enjoy the course I had the experience years ago of shooting a pistal for a target and enjoyed it immensely. I would take it up as a hobby but it can be expensive.

    1. Yes, certainly depending on what kind of gun, the cost certainly differs not only on the gun itself, but the cost of the ammo.

  2. I've never enjoyed shooting guns because of the loud noise that they make and the kick that is involved. There's something just so indescribably violent about the whole procedure.

    1. I agree with you, but I think it's also something important to learn, even if you never intend to shoot a gun.

      The husband and I have been talking about camping for a couple years, but on Vancouver Island, there are a TON of cougars and bears, even in relatively residential areas.

      We're not really 'hunting-type-people', but if we were camping, we would take our dog with us, and we've heard way too many stories of cougars/bears wandering right into camps that we would want to know how to defend ourselves, and our dog, if the need arose.


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