Friday, June 29, 2012


...and the first draft is DONE!

And it's a good thing 'cause I've got to get up at 6am tomorrow to get ready, ship the pets off to jail, pick up 3 people, and get all our butts to the ferry terminal on time...

...'cause we're got a MARINERS game tomorrow!!


I'm looking forward to this weekend, not only 'cause of the game, but because we're taking a different ferry than usual. Normally, when we leave Vancouver Island, we take the BC Ferries route over to Vancouver (well, technically Tsawassen), but this time we're taking a Washington State ferry which drops us off at Anacortes.

The ferry trip is longer, but it'll be fun 'cause there'll be about 10 of us on the ferry together.

...and I REALLY didn't want to be packing my laptop and hiding away somewhere trying to finish this first draft...

By the way, I know a bunch of people have asked to beta-read 'Brake Fluid', and sorry, I can't remember all who... except for the couple people who have begged harassed threatened asked me a number of times recently, so if you were one of those interested parties, send me an email, don't trust me to remember.

I'm shooting for mid-to-end of July for having my first editing pass done, and I'm not looking for anything too hard-core/fancy since that one pass is all I'll be doing before handing it over.

Just point out where things are confusing, what makes you roll your eyes, and where you want to smack the characters upside the head. Since it won't be in a polished state, no need to worry about grammar/etc unless you just really like finding those, then feel free, 'cause I never turn down good advice ;)

And yes, feel free to use those terms :) I'm a little slow sometimes, so dead-straight-honestly is the best way for me not to get confused. Just keep the four-letter words to a minimum ;), I better turn off this computer and pack my bag for tomorrow...

Since I'll be in transit on July 1st... Happy Early Canada Day to all my fellow Canadians out there!!!


  1. have a great week end - you will and will send e mail now. I finished my draft too and have to edit it myself before I send it out
    happy canuk day!

    1. Thanks, Sue :) Hope you had a good Canada Day weekend :)

  2. Awesome :) I shall, with luck, be joining you with Boy & Fox later today. Still working out one scene in my head and apparently I'm considering a sequel that would prove ... odd.

    1. ...when would something you write not be odd??


      YEAH! Boy & Fox!!

  3. woohoo! Have a blast at the game and with your friends!

    1. Thanks prerna! Hope your 4th of July is nice too :)


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