Monday, December 12, 2011

Guess the age semi-finalists

If you've been following Brenda Drake's blog hop/contest on character voice, today's the day she posts the 20 semi-finalists, so jump on over and check it out.

Since I'm out of town from Saturday until Tuesday, I won't be able to check myself, so I have no idea if I made the cut or not.

What I can say right now is, congrats to those who moved on and I hope those who didn't were able to receive helpful comments from other readers/participants.

I know I certainly appreciated every person who helped me re-work my entry :)

Anyways, see you guys in a few days! ...and I'll check out all you semi-finalists when I get back :)


  1. Enjoy your away time. I haven't been able to follow Brenda's contest this time but I'm waiting in the wings for whatever her brilliant mind has next.

  2. Number 11 :-)

    I'll have to nip over and read the ones I didn't catch, later.

  3. of course you made the cut. hmmm if I knew you were out of town wouldn't have sent you all the mail :D

  4. I'm going to pop over sometime today and check it out. I've been out of town so much, I've got a TON to catch up on! buying groceries, cleaning the house, laundry, etc.

    Yeah, it was a really fun/awesome contest, but it was probably also one of the most helpful. *Voice* is such a hard-to-identify-thing, so reading so many examples all at once was a great experience.


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