Monday, December 5, 2011

Building connections

So, NaNo is over, and a big congratulations for everyone who made the 50,000 word goal!

I had a much more modest goal (25,000 words) since I was only home half the month, and I'm happy to say I hit it (barely), so I'm feeling pretty good about that.

I'm also pretty pleased that I will be able to go to the NaNo wrap-up meeting this coming Friday. Since I'm notoriously, and constantly, sick from November -> March, I normally make it to one meet-up a year. Last year I went to the wrap-up meeting as well, but was so strung-out on cold medication that I can't remember a thing that went on... no seriously, I remember going, I remember driving a couple of people home afterwards... and I remember seeing a couple of familiar faces around the table. I have no idea if I talked to anyone, and if I did, if anything I said made any sense whatsoever.

I don't necessarily consider myself a shy person, but I am an introvert for sure. I get tired quickly from being around/in crowds and have no problem spending hours alone with my thoughts (and my computer). I feel more comfortable talking with one person rather than in a group, and I enjoy, really enjoy, getting to know new people and listening to them talk about what they think, what they like, and why they think what they think and like what they like.

Two of the most enjoyable things about my crazy 11-day-3-city-jaunt were talking on the phone (while in Toronto) to another writer (who lives 2 hours outside the city), and meeting up for tea/coffee in downtown Seattle with another writer.

I started this blog and become active online to connect with other writers. I've chatted with some via email, back and forth conversations on their blogs, thrown myself into a few online contests, and even developed a brand new CP relationship with someone on the opposite side of the continent, but on my trip, that was the first time I heard someone else's voice and met them face-to-face.*

It was awesome :)

...and it made me want to meet more of you guys out there :)

I know I've put this question out there before, but why are you online? What do you want out of it? As you've made online connections, have those translated into real-life meetings/friendships?

*I may, or may not, have come across as a total weirdo though ;)


  1. Yes, as I've made online connections those have translated into friendships. I never thought that would happen, but I enjoy when I receive an email or Tweet from a writer friend.

  2. I started my blog to meet people in the same boat as me, and for advice. I love making connections and I've been able to find writers willing to read my stuff and give me feedback.

  3. I'm realizing more and more that I started my blog as a challenge to myself. I was tired of Facebook. Though I still have my personal FB page and visit sometimes, I am less dedicated than when I first started.

    I hadn't ventured into Twitter at that time because I could hardly form the words, "I'll tweet you later" without wanting to sound like I was age decades in the past lol!!!

    So when another writer urged me to blog, I resisted. I didn't think anyone would care about what I had to say about anything. But then I thought, well, I might as well give it a shot, connect with some folks online and maybe it can grow. And by golly, it has. I haven't had a face to face with anyone yet but if I did it would probably be a semi-serious-mostly-silly meet up.

    I'm quite glad you've been able to make more connections and hope you're able to make more, even if it's a silly-serious writer from the Lone Star State. :-)

  4. I've just caught up with all your posts I missed, thanks for the bits of your story that you've posted. I'm so excited about this :-)

    Why am I online? Because I'm stupidly shy and, in person, over compensate by being loud and talking too much. Online, I can be myself, and meet people that I have something in common with. I've never met anyone from my blogs, but I consider many of them to be friends :-)

  5. Y'know something that never occurred to me before starting a blog?

    How happy it would make me when I recognize people's names and can immediately connect those names to a visual of their blog, a memory of their writing, or other odd tidbits that stick in my head :)

    @ ladonna

    I admit, I've been terribly curious where in Canada you're originally from and where you live in California... mostly 'cause the husband and I loooooove San Diego and often rent a car and drive all around... we almost ended up in Mexico close to midnight one night by getting lost on a farm road! Scared the crap out of us both!

    @ prerna

    I love reading your five for friday posts because they are always upbeat and optimistic, even if the other posts you've written that week talk about the things you're struggling with. That you can always find the silver lining makes you my kind of people ;)

    @ Angela

    ...know what the first thing that pops into my head when I see your name? Chipmunk! SOOOOOO cute!! ...and honestly? your blog totally astounds me 'cause it's just so... all-encompasing! you talk about so much and there's always all different kinds of media and pictures and... and... and... it totally blows my mind that you even have time to write and have a life after finding all those! You've got like 12 blogs in one... craaaaazy...

    ...and the line star state is totally on my list to visit one day ;)

    @ Sarah

    you're so excited that you missed my posts?!?! just kidding :)

    ah, the over-compensation syndrome :) been there, done that, think I've succeeded in slowly scaring less people :) Hey, at least be glad you don't have the awkward tendency of belting out (what feels like a lecture) in a 'National Geographic voice' (as my husband mockingly refers to it) which tends to happen if you ask me about something I know too much about... then the eyes glaze over and... and... sigh.

    So, you talk, I listen = all good?

  6. It was a blast - call anytime lol
    I went online to meet people I never would meet in my “normal” life. And oh I have I did not go on line to meet writers but through them I’ve become a better writer. Well, that’s an understatement. I didn’t write at all 4 years ago

    I almost met someone in New Orleans. We spoke on phone but she couldn’t come into town. I’ve spoken to you. I will meet another photogrpaher/writer later this month in Houston. Never planned on going to Texas...I have good friends in the mid-west, London UK, and Africa.

    My goal has been met more than I ever dreamed it would be.

    Oh yeah - one of the comments reminded me. When I meet people on line I can be me. And my friends on line do know me better than my RL ones do. No luggage.

  7. Edit: @ Angela, sorry, ONE star state, not line star state.

    @ sue I didn't come across as a completely crazy person? whew... then again, you only had to contend with my disembodied voice ;)

    Seriously though, it was fun talking to you :)

  8. So cool that you got to meet another writer in person! Honestly, I don't know all the reasons I started blogging. I didn't think anyone would bother reading it so I figured I could just sort of let my word vomit hide in the corner of the internet and be ignored and I could try to see what this whole online world was about. Although, I'm really glad I did start blogging, because before I didn't have a single writer-friend or critique group or anyone and I wasn't specifically looking for them when I started blogging, but I definitely got them! And it's been fantastic, so I'm glad I did!

  9. @ Yvie

    Sorry, you did inherit one writing-stalker (points finger at self) who happily reads your word-vomit :)

    I'd love to meet more writers! ...although the writer in Seattle did ask/threaten to write one of my more-interesting-real-life-quirks into a story one day.

    hmmm... maybe I make good story fodder?


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