Friday, December 9, 2011

A note of thanks

Thank you, prerna pickett, for offering me not one, but two blog awards. If you aren't familiar with her, I especially love her Five-for-Friday posts 'cause they're always so upbeat and fun. I'm an optimist, so I love meeting other people who are able to find the good in life rather than focus on the bad.

I've been given the 'One Lovely Blog Award' before, but it's my first time receiving the 'Blog on Fire Award', and since it's been a while since I posted the 10 random facts, I'll throw up another 5:

1) My beagle is named after a cartoon character (not Snoopy) and my cat is named after a philosopher

2) When I was a kid, I would not eat my food if it was touching another type of food on my plate. I'm still a bit weird about that...

3) I got suspended from Kindergarten 3 times (don't ask)

4) If I could choose a super-power, I'd want to be able to breath underwater and be able to dive thousands of feet below the surface without being crushed by the pressure. And I'd probably never go up on land again :)

5) I don't like most sweet foods. If you want to bribe me, anything sour is a good bet (grapefruit or sour candy), spicy (Indian, Thai, Szechwan, you name it, I'll eat it), or salty (sunflower seeds & cheesies).

Since most of what I babble about on this blog is pretty random/silly/strange, it makes me extremely happy that some of you guys are willing to put up with me, and it makes me think that somehow I've pulled off the greatest con ever...

Seriously, thanks, prerna and everyone who reads/comments on my blog.


  1. I'm tempted to ask ;) I LOVE sweet foods, but I'm a big fan of spicy as well. And I totally would love that power as well!

  2. I'm tempted to ask too. I don't really have a sweet tooth but I don't mind the sour stuff.

  3. That would be a cool superpower, and sadly gets overlooked a lot on the wish lists for powers :-)

  4. Bwahahahaha, you can be temped to ask, but like my double-jointed knees, no evidence will ever be displayed online.

    The weird thing about me not liking sweets is that I love to bake :) My mom & sis would HATE me 'cause I'd spend a weekend baking all kinds of things and not eat a single one :)

    I'm just like, hmmm, sliiiiiiiiightly obsessive about some things, and anything to do with fish/underwater critters will get me talking so fast and so long you'd have to smack me over the head to shut me up :)

    I got my PADI (scuba diving licence) when I was 13 :) Haven't been for a few years, but never stop dreaming about it.

  5. biggest con? perhaps your real name is Triss?? You are not strange, interesting though

  6. @ sue

    the biggest con is that I've somehow convinced over 100 people that I have something worthwhile to say!

    ...hmmm, perhaps it's just the *strange person* part that's attractive ;) Kinda like watching someone trip over their own feet and fall in the mud ;)


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