Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Voice-shred at Unicorn Bell

I seem to be a little out of it this morning...

Since I am an absolute masochist when it comes to receiving criticism on my writing, I've submitted another first-draft (ugh) scene from Project # 4 over at Unicorn Bell.

It's the scene where I was able to fit in one particularly, um, interesting bit of description.*

Drop by, check it out, tell me where I can hack off a few limbs - I mean, where I can do better ;)

*seriously, I have no idea why there are always so many vomit references in my writing...


  1. I checked it out, but I agree with what she already said. Most of it already flows very well. I'll mull it over, if anything comes to mind, I'll post it over there ^_^

  2. Checked it out and definitely something that was clear from the MC's viewpoint. Very nice job.

  3. Ooh, what a great bit. Everything I read makes me like this even more. Your character does have a strong voice.

  4. ...too bad that *strong voice* won't tell me which gender he/she is ;)

    ah, well, you know I really don't want to know that as it's half the fun of writing this particular story ;)


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