Thursday, July 21, 2011


Project #2 now has chapters!

...I needed a mental break from editing, so I decided to figure out each logical place for a chapter break.

Chapter breaks were on my mind because a few days ago, I read this post and was delighted and intrigued by how curious a reader (me in this case) could get simply from a list of chapter names...

Considering Project #2 still doesn't have a new name (though I have narrowed it down), I wondered if titling chapters would be as hard as the entire book... so set about to experiment.

...and I had a blast :)

Keep in mind these may change, and I have only titled up to the point where I have finished editing, so there will be another 3-4 chapters when I'm done... but here's my list!

Chapter 1: Walls Of Iron And Glass
Chapter 2: The Sea’s Temptation
Chapter 3: Patchwork Repairs
Chapter 4: In Unfamiliar Territory
Chapter 5: White Star
Chapter 6: Into The City
Chapter 7: Guilt And Indecision
Chapter 8: Rescue
Chapter 9: A Slow Burn
Chapter 10: The Two-Faced River
Chapter 11: Underlying Ugliness And A Lick of Magic
Chapter 12: What Was Hidden
Chapter 13: Brothers Divided
Chapter 14: Refuge
Chapter 15: Caught In The Rip-Tide
Chapter 16: Breakdown, Breakthrough

Comments and suggestions are extremely welcome :) I have already changed two of them because of CP feedback.


  1. hi there - here on the east coast of canada - ont - it's hotter than the hell in my stories and I am browsing - picked on you because I love your SSS - and lo and behold - you live in Canada - we are so rare around here - and then poof! I see you read Room - I so loved that book - am reading a bunch of canuk stuff - gets me away from my mysteries - thoug who has time to read? love your chapter titles - people either hate or love giving their chapters titles. If you reply I won't see it as by tomorrow I will have forgotten I wrote and will be on to something new. Sooo if you want to touch base - knock on my blog or e mail \

    I really really love yur writing - I said that - ok is night here but not in BC

  2. I paint and write, so titles are what I use when beginning a work. Titles are intriguing for the reader and after weeks of struggling with coming up with a title that didn't come as quickly, I finally got it. Now, to finish the stories :-)

  3. AWESOME! Another Canadian! Hi Sue! Where on the east coast are you? I'm in Victoria (Vancouver Island) but grew up in Vancouver, which is still kinda *home* :)

    ...I love 'Room'. Jack's voice is just so authentic... I have a nephew about the same age, so my jaw just dropped when I was reading it and it made a huge impression on how *real* a character can be :)

    I will definitely touch base with you :)

  4. Totsymae... I had to check out your blog since I grew up painting, sculpting and all that other fun stuff :) Nice!

    ...I don't think I ever titled a single piece of art in my entire life... it's hard to translate/confine what you feel about a piece of art into a word, or string of words...

    or am I just strange thinking of a title as being confining?


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