Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Dyslexia sucks

Okay, give me a moment of your empathy...

Spelling is hard enough... I often rely on the *red-idiot-squiggles* to point out the majority of my spelling errors, but recently I have been battling something a normal person might not even think about.

Word verification.

Yup. You've seen it before and probably only think of it as a minor annoyance. When you set up the comment section of your blogs, you have the option to require that people type in a displayed series of letters and numbers to verify that they are, in fact human.

...so, do you realize how in-human I feel when I fail these? Not only once, but often multiple times in a row?

I love participating in Six Sentence Sunday and every week I visit every other site (except for the content-blocked ones with the warning screen) but it takes me a good couple of days to get through them all, mostly 'cause if I'm going to read them, I want to leave a comment, but trying to *win* at word verification is a fast way to a prize migraine, so I have to take a lot of breaks.

Know what also throws me?

Words like:

bow, tear, wound

bow... a weapon? or the male version of a curtsey?

tear... what happens when you cry, or when you rip something apart?

wound... a cut on your skin, or 'wind' in past-tense?

...oh crap, now I've added wind to the list...

...to wrap string/twine/yarn, or currents of air?

So thank heavens for the online dictionary! ...since half the time I look at the words I've written and I get a sudden and horrible inkling that I've used the completely wrong word...

Please tell me this happens to *normal* people too!!

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