Monday, July 25, 2011

A kind of progress

To celebrate the fact that I've finally decided on a new title for Project #2, I have written a new *blurb* for my "What I'm Working On" page.

I would love it if you would drop by, read it, and let me know what you think... though it will have spoilers for those following the SSS posts.

Honestly, the whole blurb thing is pretty new to me, so any advice would be greatly appreciated :)

...and yes, I have toured Query Shark :)



  1. So impressed with you. Though you are much younger than me and been writing for a long time. I’ve tried a blurb for my devil – what you have here is more of an outline I think. Blurbs are very difficult to do. The more I write, the more impressive writers I meet. Makes me want to give up writing but I am addicted.

  2. I guess three years of writing is a long time... actually, it'll be three years exactly this September, since I finished my university classes the summer of 2008.

    blurbs are a nightmare... I know you're supposed to have character, the problem and the stakes, but also enough plot details to make it tantalizing. I suppose with enough practice, even blurbs will be surmountable. :)


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