Friday, March 28, 2014

Emergency Flash Fiction Friday

It's fine spring day here, but what's the weather like in your corner of the world?

New prompt up @ Skullduggery, so come play along :)

...and for those who sent me emails this week... sorry, today's the first day I'm kinda back up on my feet, and still not up to eating solid food, so I will answer soon.

Y'know how I said I pulled something in my back when I was throwing up? Yeah... 6 ribs yanked away from my spine. It's been pretty hard to breathe or move all week, so I'm heading into see the chiropractor today to get those mischievous ribs wrestled back into place.


  1. Oh my gosh—I hope those rascally ribs get back to where they belong soon. Feel better!

    1. Thanks, Janelle :) How's the spring weather in your corner of the world?

    2. If by spring weather you mean the surprise hail storm we had two days ago, followed by a beautiful day of sun, and then two days of rainstorms... yup it's spring in New England!

    3. Sounds awesome! I love storms, no matter what kind... hail is rare here though, so it always seems special :) long as it isn't big enough/heavy enough to do actual damage.

  2. awful rain here asn snow goop tomorrow when we head home


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