Monday, March 3, 2014

Video didn't just kill the radio star

...sorry, I couldn't resist :) The song is too funny not to reference*

Thank you Alcar for passing along the link to an interesting article.

*and thankfully that fashion sense has also died a (hopefully) permanent death. Then again, can't you just imagine that lead singer coming back as a zombie dressed like that?


  1. Fashion tends to, though .... which would make a pretty fun basis for a story about an immortal.
    "What is your biggest regret in living so long a life?"
    "I have seen bellbottoms come back into style." A pause. "Four times."

    1. *snort* Somehow, I just imagined a zombie MC Hammer...

  2. good one - and good idea

    someone may have done the fasion issue but can't think who

    the other thing is immortals and technology - some embrace it some don't touch it

    1. The technology one has always bugged me: technology has changed INSANELY in the past hundred would think that people who keep up or be, well, dead. If one IS an immortal, one is almost obligated to keep up with the zeitgeist, since otherwise one runs the rusk of being discovered and throw in jail, which was unpleasant even in, say, the 1700s, never mind now :) You could have some odd quirks, not know current TV shows -- I did a joke ones based on immortals being noticed because they tried to pay for stuff with a cheque -- but one couldn't be utterly clueless, I'd think.

      Unless you have handlers who deal with that, like movie stars do. Hmmm.....

    2. I've lately been hooked on the tv show 'Continuum' (99% of the reason I started watching it is 'cause it's filmed in Vancouver, and Vancouver is playing itself, not Seattle, or another American city), and since it's about time travelling, there's a bunch of 'not getting current references' moments. Funniest one to me: not understanding 'paper/rock/scissors'.

      By the way: new word of the day: 'zeitgeist' -> makes me want to write some kind of ghost story :p


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