Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Ribs, birthdays & death

My naughty ribs have wiggled out of place again, so back to chiro I go, and another round of physio/massage/acupuncture tomorrow to hopefully settle things down. Once again, apologies to those who have sent me emails... I've not been moving a heck of a lot, and the pain has made sleeping a challenge.

Onto other things, my evil black goblin turned 10 today. Isn't he just so cute? Don't you wanna pull that fuzzy squirrel tail of his?

On a final note for today, one of the BC PAC members (who is/was on the board for the convention taking place in May) passed away a couple days ago. Peacefully, thankfully, but on the tail-end of the same flu I was down with a week ago that's been hitting the lower-mainland hard.

Though I didn't know her all that well (really only from working on convention stuff this past year), she was super kind, patient, and an excellent painter. She will be sorely missed.

This is a piece of hers that is being raffled off at the convention. Beautiful, eh?

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  1. Wow I can tell how much work went into that. I'll tell you about the week end another time. I'm doing the a-Z in addition to everything else and I did use your prompt in this week's bloggy. OMG my regular cleaning lady hurt her back and the woman here now doesn't know what she's doing


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