Saturday, March 22, 2014

Karma & throw-up

Two things led me to write this post.

The first is my brain has been pulling me back to "RoRS". The anonymous main character (MC) contemplates karma a lot through the story, in terms of punishment/redemption, real/fake, something the MC desires/fears.

Now, no matter what long story I write, there are a few things that are always going to show up...

One of those is vomit jokes. I think "RoRS" has three or four.

The second thing that led me to write this post is an awful flu that's been making its way through the lower mainland. In the last two weeks, it's been passed around my immediate family... nephew, sister, mother, father... and a couple hours ago, I joined the ranks of the vomiting-near-dead.

Let's just say I now regret my breakfast and lunch choices... nothing ever tastes as good coming up as it did going down*.

Okay, enough with the gross stuff, I swear.

Karma isn't something I believe in. Ultimately, I think we're responsible for our own choices, our own attitudes, our own reactions. The idea of karma is really only good for one thing: reminding you to let go of the bad things that happen which aren't under your control.

Someone cuts you off in traffic? Isn't it healthier to think, "Well, maybe he'll get a speeding ticket" rather than stew and growl and put yourself into a bad mood.

Having the flu is totally out of my control... but I'm choosing to laugh about it rather than moan and groan.

Okay, I'm back from another fast mini-adventure.

Still trying to laugh about it, but perhaps it's better to make you laugh instead, 'cause I seriously just pulled something in my back and it now hurts to breathe :p

Sooooo... remember to chew your food, and flu season is definitely a good motivator to keep your bathroom clean.

I'm hoping some Twinings Irish Breakfast Tea will stay in my stomach a little longer than the glass of water.

Cheerio, and good night!

* This line is a long-time joke in my family. When I was in grade two, I got sick. Like, really badly dangerously sick. After not being able to eat anything for weeks... my mom brought me a handful of the first strawberries of the season. I slowly nibbled them down, and a few minutes later... up they went. I remember being really thankful to her, that she brought me my favourite food even though we both knew I was going to throw it up, and she looked so sad when I did throw them up, so I said, "They tasted almost as good coming up as they did going down"... like I thought that would somehow make her feel better.


  1. Awww. The joke is cute, even if the rest -- is not ;)

    My being-sick story: I got a case case of the chicken pox (via my brother, on my birthday. I believe I was eight or so.). It led to being covered in them, even on the inside of my throat. When my mom told me that was also chicken pox, I gave her a look of horror and said: "They're reversible?!"

    1. Throw-up is never cute :p

      Hahaha, reversible chicken-pox... so funny :D

      I can't imagine having chicken-pox in my throat... it's not like you can scratch the, or put lotion on them... what the heck did you do?

  2. I don't have a throw up story - but it's the one thing I hate watching in a film You get better right now!

    1. I'm... vertical this morning. Haven't really eaten anything since Saturday morning, but I got down a little miso soup and a grapefruit earlier, so I'm on the mend :)


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