Wednesday, October 23, 2013

via iPhone update :)

This is Berkeley (from last Halloween, sorry only picture of him currently on my phone)

This is NOT Berkeley

Are you confused?

My painting friend/mentor has a female cat (Tasha) who is literally identical to Berkeley, physically: down to the chocolate brown stripes you can see in his fur when he's in the sun, and personality-wise: very vocal with non-cat-sounds in his repertoire, a habit of laying across your lap and biting you if you touch them, the way they give/accept affection, etc, even the way they hold and move their tails.

Tasha, being female, is just slightly smaller than Berkeley. Every time I come here, I kindof want to steal her home with me, 'cause then I'd have a matched set ;)

Anyways, my obscene amount of paint* is slowly being amalgamated into 'general' colours (pictures, maybe later, when I'm done.)

The pieces for my two friends have had another firing, and I'll fire again tonight. HOPEFULLY I can get one last firing in tomorrow morning before I leave... otherwise, I'm hooped. One of those two friends is due tomorrow!

Okay, that be all for now!

*There is no standard pallet of colours, pretty much anyone can mix up their own paint and sell it, which, for many oil painting teachers, is how they earn a lot of their income... because of this, quality control is as bad as PC parts, which is a problem when many yellows/oranges are 'cannibals', which eat other colours while being fired and make a giant mess.


  1. sounds like you're having a great week. I love the floor in Tasha's house and like her name too!

    1. Great, but very busy too :)

      I love Tasha (yes, I might be biased), but Tasha's owner is VERY nice too ;)

  2. Damn it, now you make me consider stories involving cannibal colours ... but it would probably have to be written by someone other than I :) Glad the firing is going according to plan, at least....

    1. Unfortunately it's so not as cool as it sounds in real life, so I'm sure you could run away with it and make it far more interesting ;)


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