Friday, October 18, 2013

FFF 21.2

(Hopefully) a funny one for you today, in at 100 words, about 10 minutes to write/edit:

You don’t call it ‘savage’ when justice is on your side. 

When someone does bad things, they deserve what comes around, and he was the worst of them all.

He terrorized us. Day after day, with no end, and no mercy.

A despot who, when verbal intimidation failed, leapt at the chance to draw blood. Some days, he leapt first.

So it was only right that we banded together, stabbing, scratching, swatting.

He may have only lost an eye, but the vet’s cone around his neck proves we won.

And as any cat will tell you, pride is what matters.


  1. Replies
    1. It was going to be birds @ a bird feeder getting revenge on the cat, but I couldn't work it into 100 words :p So it was left ambiguous who the attackers were

  2. Heh. On first read I thought it was going to be the vet :)

    1. Haha, very perceptive ;) It was inspired by taking Eva & Berkeley to the vet and Berks turned into a raging demon... needed 3 people armed with large towels and elbow-high leather gloves to hold him down to get his shots.

      Poor little guy... he refused to sleep on my bed last night and has been glaring at me all morning...

      Unlike Eva, who acts like nothing unusual happened, cats certainly do seem to have a longer memory and keep grudges ;)

  3. Love it. Makes me think of the stray tom that wanders around our neighborhood. He's clearly been in a few battles.

    1. They do like to fight... especially if they are unneutered.


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