Friday, October 11, 2013

Flash Fiction Friday 20.0

Oh my goodness... 20 consecutive Fridays in a row... I'm feeling like this is a pretty big milestone...

I had an interesting day yesterday, busy, good, strange, and somewhere around 2:30pm when I was out at physio, Berkeley threw up all over my bed, which was a *nice* surprise for when I got home, and prompted the first trek into the basement of the new(?) apartment building to do laundry (for which I didn't have the key), and a 2 hour drive to North Vancouver to buy different pet food.

Word of advice for those ever planning to visit Vancouver... never try to cross the Lion's Gate bridge during rush hour traffic while the centre lane is open to traffic going in the opposite direction. It nearly tripled the driving time, which should have only been about 20-25 minutes each way.

But all in all, it was a good day. Busy, but definitely good :) It certainly ended on a good note with a late dinner out with friends for Greek food, and the seasonal Granville Island Winter Ale is out!!! Mmmmm soooo goooooooood.

So, after this lovely (and hopefully entertaining) post about beer and cat-yack, here's the sentence for today:

There are only two things in this world that terrify me.


  1. Glad you had a good day, even with the cat issue. Not sure i'll have time for this but who knows

  2. Charlie's Diary

    This entry takes place after the novella in the magician series

    [After the novella, Charlie’s POV]

    There are only two things in this world that terrify me. It’s not gods, because I eat those, and not people because I have a monster inside me that’s a god my dad made and scares the shit out of people. Once at least literally. People scare me, yeah, but terrify – as if. Because I’ve seen creatures from Outside the universe, tasted hunger greater than mine and seen magicians banish them.

    I’ve seen magicians bend time and twist space and kill people with the precision of a haiku. I’ve seen the magician I know casually yank gods out of hiding places, compel truth with a single word or terrify monsters with nothing more than a smile. I can do that, but I have to be scary – draw up the god-monster in me, flex claws – the magician just has to stand, hands in pockets, and be himself.

    And then there’s Jay. He’s from Outside the universe, and young, but quick and not human at all. He bleeds, but I don’t think he’d pass an x-ray test and I know a physical test would reveal he’s not human at all. He’s a good kid, I think. Probably. Or at least he’ll do whatever the magician or I want and define good like that. Which is all kinds of scary if you think about it. The magician worries about what he might one day become, and anything that worries the magician terrifies me by reasons of being sane.

    I’m not terrified of things, because they’re just things, but the magician and Jay – my friends – they terrify me and never know they do it. I’m holding myself together, because I scare Jay in turn and because it would hurt the magician if he knew I was terrified of him at all. He knows all kinds of weird stuff, but no one knows how to see what they don’t want to see. My mom taught me that, one bottle at a time.

    I try not to be, but when it’s late, when I’m alone and can think of what has happened to me in the last couple of months, the shit I’ve done and seen. Yeah. I smoke more than I used to. It’s not helping.

    And I don’t know what will.

  3. no one knows how to see what they don’t want to see.
    Excellent Alcar

    1. Thanks. It is probably not actually canon [yet], since I doubt Charlie will let herself THINK this, let alone write it down, but it's what came to me for the prompt.

    2. I hope you noticed, Alcar, that I specifically used the term "this world" because I figured you'd eagerly run off with that.

      I get what you mean about Charlie probably not writing this down, but I'm sure it was a great exercise to get into her head :)

    3. Definitely, though I didn't manage to include a reference to '20' in it, much as I'd wanted to. For me, she's the easiest character to get into. It's one of the major reasons I try to use the magician's pov more, since hers feels a little like cheating.

    4. Why did you want '20'?

      I think some of Charlie's lines/thoughts almost seem too poetic for her, like they should be the magician's... but then again, I've already said that I'm very curious how different Charlie is/was before/after she ate the god in her closet.

    5. 20 because it was the 20th time of your doing this :) But yeah, Charlie has definitely become more 'like' the magician as the series progresses, though she'd flat-out deny it, and some would consider her to be a magician as well. Exactly what makes her NOT one hasn't been explored because, well, pantsing :)

      And yeah.It does make me want to do a story about Charlie before she became a magician now ... hmmm.....

    6. Ah, okay :D

      And yes, I certainly want to read about Charlie pre-magician ;)

  4. sounds like you've been busy! hope your settling in nicely and glad you had some time with friends. I love Greek food, and am totally jealous!

    1. I have been! ...which is why I haven't written my flash fiction yet... going to start very soon ;)

      Have a great long weekend Prerna! (It is Columbus Day weekend for you USA-ers, correct?)


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