Friday, October 4, 2013

FFF 19.2

I went a completely different direction than where I was originally planning to go. When I wrote the line this morning, I was thinking it was a great line for a killer or someone wrapping up a dirty job (with some kind of twist), with a great fast 'n action-y mood... but when I finally managed to sit down and write this while eating dinner, I ended up with this 100 word piece:

I don’t like loose ends.

Which is why I don’t get into relationships. 

There aren’t enough sharp edges, no definitive lines to clearly mark where they start and end. 

It’s easier to not have have friends, to not have lovers.

To laugh away each night with new acquaintances, and forget their names by morning.

I want simple. I want clean. Black or white. Yes or no.

No entanglements.

No longing.

No disappointment or hurt.

People are messy. Complicated. Selfish.

Like me.




But the test in the trash is hCG positive.

Something inside hurts.

I need to breathe.


  1. Replies
    1. I had a devil of a time trying to make it 100 words exactly... re-wrote 3/4 of it several times, and still not happy with the final result :p

    2. Yeah: trying to hit exact word counts is always nuts; stuff always ends up lost and feeling slightly 'off'.


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