Monday, August 26, 2013

The odd thing about being pinched for time

I got home less than 10 minutes ago, and I'm heading out again as soon as I post this...

When deadlines are hanging over my head, I tend to commit to more things than I need to, as if I'm trying to pack something into every single moment.

Like, the sudden impulse to check out the SIWC, today it's been something else... well, since last night actually.

I've been absolutely consumed with the desire to draw and/or paint.

Luckily (for my own sanity), all my painting supplies are packed up/stored, but my pencils, light table, and animation supplies are all here, easily accessible.

I wonder why I have this impulse to take on even more commitments when I'm tight on time...

Perhaps it's because drawing is a stress-outlet...

Perhaps because drawing is an acceptable form of procrastination/escape...

Perhaps I'm just a complete masochist at heart...

Perhaps it's because a writing buddy recently send me a couple of links to artist sites...

Or perhaps, in the chaotic state of mid-move-mid-divorce-mid-separation-agreement-limbo, I'm seeking stability, a familiar place to rest.

...whatever it is, tomorrow when I start to actually pack boxes, my art supplies are going in first to remove any temptation ;)

How about you guys? What are you like with deadlines/stress/etc? Do you settle in and attack systematically, problem by problem, or do you spin around until you're so wound up, you're nearly insane?

Okay, got to scoot out for walkies with Eva now... then I've got more errands to run.


  1. I wait until the last minute and then turn into a work horse. All of my deadlines are met in the end. I've learned how to handle it.

    1. I never miss a deadline, and I stay pretty calm/organized. I just think I'm weird for trying to take on more than I have to...

  2. It’s all those reasons your desire to paint. Since I’m in a well not similar but in a situation where I can’t afford the time to take to write, but I really wanna - to relieve stress, to procrastinate and escape, but I have to tell myself - can’t afford the hours now that if I look at one of my wip it’ll take

    1. Well, that's one of the reasons I think doing the Flash Fiction Friday has been keeping me sane this summer ;) a window that's tiny enough (20 min max) that I can't logically put it off.

      Just like I need a lot of walking/exercise to be able to sleep, I need that creative outlet.

  3. I love drawing or even just coloring! Such a great way to get the stress levels down.

    1. I didn't know you drew/etc! What kind of things do you do?


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