Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Joys of clutter & moving

So, it's been a crazy day... someone finally showed up to buy my desk, and my parents were over helping me pack all my art and some books, but since I thought they were coming tomorrow instead of today... madness ensued.

Since my desk is gone, I've been shuffling furniture around, and I needed to sign papers to put the witch's hut (in Victoria) up for sale, this is my current computer space:

Do you feel a little sick?

Here's a closer look:

That is my big mac, my laptop, my backup drive, my scanner, my new printer (bought today just for the purpose of getting these documents signed), a pack of paper, a surge protected power bar, and all the setup documents/cds for the scanner & printer all crammed onto a 3' x 4' table. My iPhone, iPod, 2 flash drives, and a few other random things are also there somewhere...

BUT, the documents have been printed, signed, scanned, emailed.

...and now I think I need a glass of wine. Or two.

By the way, I completely hate clutter. I like clean/streamlined, without shelves full of dust-collectors. Even my bookshelves have glass doors to keep everything clean & put away, so when moving, with furniture pulled out, things stacked everywhere, etc, I get a little manic with everything so cluttery.

Oh, and since you've hung around to read this far... here's a great picture I snapped of Berkeley late last night when I was crashed out on the sofa. Doesn't he look both evil and lordly?


  1. I love the chairs. We just had ours recovered and “Jay” put his drink down on one of them! Luckily did not spill - no clutter, no dust.... not here - someday will send pics of all our books - yeah great pic!
    I used to be a clean and tidy person but not worth the trouble now

    1. IKEA ;) 4 chairs, all different colour cushions. Generally I like classic/clean lines/etc in neutral tones, but then I like to throw in splashes of bright colour ;)

      I'm a little scared to see all your books... yet I want to at the same time... :D


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